Sunday, November 7, 2010

VeganMoFo: Grandma's Cinnamon Apples

Recipe: Cinnamon Apples
Family Member: Grandma D

Brief Description: Okay. This really shouldn't be called a recipe, but it's still a special dish to me. When my grandparents lived in Pennsylvania, their property was home to a couple of apple trees. After picking the apples, my grandma would chop them, toss them with cinnamon and a little sugar, and stick them in the freezer, to thaw and eat throughout the year. At least I think that's how she made them! I spoke to my grandma a couple of weeks ago and she couldn't quite remember. What she did remember was how much she loved having the apple trees, and how incredulous she was that the next occupants of the house cut them down (I know!) She was thrilled to hear that Doc and I are planting two apple trees in our yard come February. I love my grandma! She's an incredible, funny, loving woman, and she'll be 90 years old this month!


  1. those look so delicious. your apple trees are gonna be so awesome.


  2. That is such a sweet story - Grandmas are such special people in our lives - I understand your sorrow at the loss of your apple trees and commend your replanting! The apples do look delicious!

  3. What a novel idea:-) I have one apple tree, pretty old, and dry fired some apple with cinammon and coiander just yesterday. Delicious.

    I've just discovered you via Ali's blog.

  4. I'm loving browsing through your veganizations! These apples and those PB-choc bites both look fantastic.