Friday, September 17, 2010

Recent Food Hauls

Well, Doc and I are in our new house and we love it. We've been busy getting settled, entertaining visitors, and fixing things! In the coming months I'm sure I will be posting many "before and after" photos of our progress.

Switching topics: I wanted to share my recent delicious food hauls.

We now live very close to Dovetail bakery (among many other wonderful vegan [and non] establishments), which means I can expect to put on a few pounds. Just under three weeks ago, after our LOOOONG day of moving, I stopped by Dovetail to pick up some breakfast goodies. I am in love with their assortment of scones. The people at Dovetail are so nice. I even got two free chocolate chip cookies!
cinnamon pecan scones

sticky buns with pecans

cinnamon buns

chocolate chip and black and white cookies

I'm loving the connectedness of this town. Our Realtor set us up with a great painting company, the hands-on owner of which told us about the farmer's markets that his wife coordinates, including one at their home, a couple of blocks away from us. After stopping by last weekend, Doc and I signed up for Late Bloomer Metro Market's CSA-like deal and last night we were delivered this:

two dozen Tokyo Rose, Gala, and Sansa apples

seven Stark Crimson pears

a bunch of purple and golden fingerling potatoes

three ears of corn

four beets

a head of cabbage, large cucumber, and large yellow onion

two zucchinis and two yellow squash
(I'm not a huge zucchini or yellow squash fan, but I have big plans for making zucchini bread, especially now that the weather has turned cooler.

aromatherapy tea in a cute little beaker

All organic or transitional for $29!

The boys checking out the new digs.