Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rabbit Food Cookbook: Lentil Soup

I picked up a copy of Rabbit Food Cookbook when I visited Portland three years ago.  (I actually got it for a friend, but decided to keep it myself!  Shhh.)  It's an adorable little book with hand drawn pictures.  I love it.

Being the vegan cookbook collector that I am, I haven't gotten around to trying many recipes.  I have, however, tried the lentil soup recipe, which is now my go-to favorite.  It's quick and hearty, and as I've discovered, adaptable.  Last night I made a half batch, which will provide the two of us with at least two meals a piece.  I didn't have potatoes or celery on hand, so I left out the potatoes and used carrot greens in place of the celery.  Delish!

I noticed this little book is making its rounds on the vegan blogosphere.  Check out Kittee's post at Cake Maker to the Stars, which features the falafel recipe from the book (I'm going to have to make this soon!) and a GIVEAWAY, ending tomorrow morning.  Also, be sure to visit the other blogs mentioned in the post to see some of the other recipes from the book.

I have all these plants, post-mofo, which now include cooking through this little book.


  1. I love lentil soup!! This sure is a cute book. I need my life spiral bound, for convenience.


  2. Hey, thanks Amanda! You'll have to look for the new edition when you're at Powell's. Food Fight and Land should have copies too, soon!
    I just made my lentil soup recipe this week, too!! It's soup season! I hadn't made it for a while and I forgot how much it makes. A half recipe is more than enough for several servings. My ample supply of soup has been great for a week of lunches or dinners for me and for my hubby.
    My Regards!

  3. Oh, oops, to amend what I said above (er, you said you just visited Portland, not that you live there), well, come back and visit again! The book is available online too. :)

  4. That soup looks so delicious and hearty, yum!

  5. Thanks for your comments (and your recipes!), Beth. I did visit Portland in 2008 and last year my partner and I were able to move here! So you were not incorrect!