Sunday, October 2, 2011

A date with Kittee's cheezy kale chips

As MoFo veterans are aware and noobs will soon learn, VeganMoFo is almost as much about community-building and camaraderie as it is about the promotion of vegan food.  It's nice when you can involve your "real world" friends in the festivities too and yesterday, my friend Carly came over to make Kittee's deliciously cheezy kale chips

If you use your imagination, you can see kale, in its natural habitat, in the background of this photo!

Matt made it home from a hike in time to help us devour these beauties.  I think they were gone within 10 minutes, paired with Oregon-made Wandering Aengus Cider.

A fine snack!

These chips are everything you could ask for in a snack.  They're the perfect amount of flavorful and are totally modifiable to your taste preferences.  Extra spicy?  Sure!  I've even used a grated beet instead of the carrot for equally tasty results.  These chips are also pretty nutritious!  The only problems are that they're gone waaay too quickly and I guess they do take a little babysitting in the oven if you make them the way I did (see below).  I really, really recommend giving these a go!

A few notes about how we deviated from the original recipe:
-I don't have a dehydrator, so we used the oven.  I also don't have enough patience, so we adjusted the cooking temp to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and baked them for about 30 minutes total, flipping and checking on them about every 7-8 minutes.  Each time we took them out, we decided to eat the few crispy ones, since they'd just burn anyway!  -We used tamari instead of Bragg's, Aardvark hot sauce instead of Sriracha, and regular old chile powder instead of the chipotle variety.
-And, per Kittee's suggestion, we threw in a pressed clove of garlic.

Throw in that pinch of chile powder, Carly!


  1. yum! I love kale chips, but I hardly ever make them... just for the reason you mentioned - I eat them so quickly!

    also, I love your green mofo theme. excellent idea. I always need to be eating more greens, so I'll be looking for some good ideas!

    ps. Hi!

  2. I love kale chips and I love Secret Aardvark! Yay for yum.

  3. Totes. I eat ten mouthfuls before they go into the dehydrator, and then of course you have to check on their process as they dry. No way to check properly without tasty, so really Matt's lucky he got anything at all!


  4. These look really good! I have tried making kale chips in the past and didn't have much success but maybe I will give it a try again. Very inspiring :)

  5. OK, this settles it. I will have to go hunting for kale until my feet bleed. Or wait until Christmas time. You also get a star in my book for showing the natural habitat.

  6. I've always passed by kale chip recipes because I don't have a dehydrator but I might have to try this now. I love kale chips!

  7. Ooooh *crunch munch*. I've never had kale chips before (actually I think I may not even have tasted kale in any form), but I looooove tamari (could drink it straight out of the bottle) and nooch and of course spice... lots and lots of it (hey, what else can I expect, I'm Indian :oP). So I'm thinking I'll be trying out this recipe soon!

  8. How great are those kale chips?! I made them last year and fell in love. I should make them again soon. Kale is so dang delicious.

  9. Wandering Aengus!!!!

    Oh, and the Kale chips look crazy good too ;)

  10. Nom! I have been meaning to make them. I just love her NOLA recipes!