Monday, October 10, 2011

Collards with Queso

It was only recently that I first tasted the amazingness that is Food for Lovers' vegan queso.  I found myself with several open jars of the queso after Vida Vegan Con, and needing a way to use it.  Horrible dilemma, I know.  Using this queso as a dip is my favorite way to scarf it down, but when the tortilla chips ran out, I turned to an old favorite: collards!

I simply steamed some collard ribbons in a skillet with some water.  When the water evaporated, I added the queso, mixed it up, and served it alongside a couscous and mung bean salad with veggies.  (Hungarian pepper, collards, and several types of tomatoes from the garden!)


  1. I recently showed my son a jar of the queso that I brought back from VVC, and after claiming he didn't much like fake cheese, he proceeded to eat most of the jar with chips. I like to eat it like you suggested — on veggies and grains.

  2. That is one delicious looking bowl of yumminess Andy!

  3. Now this is a meal! Collards are my absolute favorite veggie...add fresh tomatoes and vegan queso...I would love to eat this right now.

  4. Yum, I love the idea of using queso over steamed greens!