Friday, October 7, 2011

Mulled Apple Cider

For much of the Northern Hemisphere, this time of year cues the ubiquitousness of 'homey' spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, used in baked goods and even in home decorations.  I, for one, am prepared for fall.  I bought my fall-scented candles from my favorite vegan-owned candle company (currently I have warm cookies alight) and broke out the mulling spices.  I love mulled apple cider.  Simmering on the stove, the spicy sweet scent fills the house, and once ready, the steamy drink is like comfort in a mug.

Taking a break from my 'greens' them to enjoy a hot cup of mulled apple cider.
My friend, Tcat, bought me a tin of Williams-Sonoma mulling spices last year.  This dry mix contains cinnamon, orange rind, allspice, and cloves.  You simply add it to apple cider (or unfiltered apple juice) and simmer for 10-20 minutes.


  1. Is apple cider essentially unfiltered apple juice? I always think my simply organic apple juice tastes just like cider!

  2. You know, I think there's some distinction, as the 'apple cider' I've seen is usually refrigerated and seasonal (and maybe a little more tangy), but I generally use the two interchangeably.

  3. Oh, cider. I love cider so much. I can't even get real cider around here - just apple juice that says cider. So sad.

  4. I love mulled apple cider. Apple cider is always big during this time here in Washington.

    I think apple cider is untreated so it has a really short shelf life. That's why it is seasonal, and more tangy. I'm pretty sure they usually have more than one type of apple in it to make it tangy, too.
    Unfiltered apple juice usually still has something in it to keep it fresh tasting.

    woo for apple cider!

  5. I loved mulled cider. I guess I didn't realize you could buy the spices already assembled, but what a nice gift to give someone. The cider looks especially inviting in the glass mug.

  6. Oooooh that's making my mouth water just looking at it! I'm a West Country girl, various members of my family have owned cider farms throughout my life - I was fed cider before my mother's milk!