Saturday, October 15, 2011

Greetings All!

Just like Supreme Master, I have been asked by the lovely Amanda to contribute as a guest blogger in her absence. Amanda may have referred to me in previous posts as Lady Beth and I, too, am a frequent traveling companion of hers. I am going to try to make this post as grammatically correct as I can, in case another mutual friend of ours (we'll nickname him Grammar Guru) is reading. :)

I met Amanda five years ago back in college. After we graduated, we have not lived in the same cities but have managed to have at least bi-annual visits/food travels. I love warm weather and cannot tolerate much cold (opposite of Amanda), so I chose to return to South Florida after I graduated college. While warm weather abounds, tons of vegan options do not.

I have the fortune of having vegan parents in the area who cook some scrumptious meals. Unlike our weather preferences, Amanda and I have similar tastes in food (not surprisingly, she already posted a recipe of my favorite green meal - massaged raw kale salad). To not duplicate simialar recipes, I leave you with one of my dad's signature dishes. While the dish itself does not use a green, the sister vegetable of the main character is a green. The recipe is a slight green deviation.

See a recipe for this German entree at Personally, I prefer the recipe with no raisins, and recommend that you alter the sugar/vinegar ratio based on your sweet/sour preference ratio. To keep with the green theme, feel free to use green cabbage as opposed to red -- or create a dish with a combination of the two!

Happy eating.

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  1. I'm always looking for ways to use up the rest of a head of cabbage. Lucky for me, I can refer to my own blog for inspiration. Thank you, Lady Beth!!! You're the best!