Tuesday, October 6, 2009

VEGANMOFO 2009: Lemon Penne with Kale and Garlic

Short post! For dinner tonight I threw together a yummy meal from stuff we had in the apartment. Here it is:
I tossed the penne in salted olive oil infused with garlic and black pepper. Then I mixed in steamed Red Russian Kale (my favorite kind), grated in a couple more cloves of garlic, and squeezed fresh lemon juice on top of the whole thing. It was simple and good.

(I also made a pesto chickpea sauce to top the dish with. It was neither pretty nor tasty. DocDufresne ate it though.)

I can't resist slipping in some non-food related content. Photos taken by DocDufresne on Sunday when I was playing with Andy and Emerson.
New tennis balls are always appreciated.


  1. Hi there, the folks at Cares4Pets sent me the link to your blog. I fostered Andy (then Piggy) for a few months back in spring '08 and am SO HAPPY to see how he's doing! My friend found him tied to a tree in Clark Park. She adopted him out to someone who seemed good, but the guy rehomed Piggy without telling her. The second owner tried to rehome him again on Craigslist, offering him up to anyone who would take him, but someone recognized Piggy and sent us the link. Anyway, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see him in a stable, loving home. After at least six previous homes (that we know of) in his short life, he clearly scored!

    -lou (from City Kitties)

  2. Lou,

    I'm so touched that you tracked Andy/Piggy down! My husband and I absolutely adore him. He really is the best dog! You can find TONS of photos of Andy on this site. Thanks for taking good care of him while he was under your care. And thanks for all the great work you do for the animals!


  3. He really is a good boy. Here are some photos of him from when we had him. The other dog is my boy, Bart, who loooooved Piggy:





  4. Aw! Thanks so much for sharing those photos with us! It's so funny seeing Andy from his previous life.