Monday, October 26, 2009

VEGANMOFO 2009: Favorite Vegans Tribute I

This week, the last week of Vegan MoFo 2009, In My Vegan Life will feature a tribute to my favorite vegans. Each day I am going to showcase dishes that remind me of a particular person and I'll also talk about what the person means to me in my vegan life.

Today I'm starting with my best friend, T-Cat. For those who know her, T-Cat offers a ray of sunshine even on the gloomiest of days. Her friendship has meant so much to me from time spent together at potlucks in Gainesville to preparing for DocDufresne's and my wedding. T-Cat has been so supportive through rough patches I've had here and there, and has been an incredible joy to be around. There are certain people in our lives that you know will be friends for a lifetime. T-Cat is one of those people for me and I'm lucky to have her!

T-Cat and I share a love of peppery food. The first dish is Creamy Tomato Soup from Veganomicon. I first had it when T-Cat made it and handed out batches to a few lucky friends. It was extra peppery and extra delicious.

I like mine chunky and unblended. Plus it's easier that way!Secondly, T-Cat has an affinity toward raw items, including salads. When we're on trips together I refuse to spend my limited meals on salads (or anything I feel like I can make easily at home), but T-Cat doesn't share this preference. In fact, this sald reminds me of one she got when we ate at Watercourse in Denver. I do like salads from time to time, especially when made at home. This salad is a tribute to T-Cat!

The ingredients include baby green mix, red cabbage, shredded carrots, apple bits, orange segments, and walnuts. I tossed it with an orange-poppy seed vinaigrette.Lastly, I've wanted to make Green Tea Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World for a while. Just because they're quite lovely. As I was flipping through the cupcake book I found the pretty little photo again and was instantly reminded of T-Cat. I showed the photo to DocDufresne and asked him whom it reminded him of. He said T-Cat right away.

My cupcakes didn't come out quite as beautiful as Isa's, but I'm pretty happy with the results, although the (expensive!) matcha didn't add much except the beautiful color.Love you, T-Cat! Can't wait to see you next month!!


  1. I thought you cupcakes were quite pretty.

    Very nice post to your friend.


  2. aw shucks! i almost started crying! i'm searching for your mac n' cheese recipe and stumbled upon this post again. miss you!!! <333333

  3. Hehe :)

    I love that you read this <3