Friday, March 13, 2009

What are your favorite vegan products- food or otherwise?

Hey all! (As this is a new blog and I only have one official follower, I don't know who you "all" are!)

Please post your favorite vegan products and your reasons for loving them. Don't forget to provide links if possible.

I'll start:

1. Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheddar Flavor "cheese" is so wonderful. My favorite way to use it is in mac and cheese. While the pasta is boiling, I chop the VG and add it to another pan with some nutritional yeast and unsweetened soymilk. Then, once the pasta's done and the cheese is melted, I drain the pasta and mix in the cheesey mixture. Sometimes I top it with a toasted panko/garlic/evoo/basil mixture and Voila! You have to eat it quickly though, because the "cheese" gets congealed as it cools. This has become such a staple at our house. (Grapeseed FYH Vegenaise is also quite wonderful.)

2. Earth Balance buttery spread.

3. Whole Soy Frozen Yogurt- Swiss Dark Chocolate Flavor. Oh my goodness, I miss this stuff. For whatever reason my local Whole Foods doesn't carry this. They carry Whole Soy Yogurt, just not the frozen kind and I've asked them about it several times. It's so spectacular though.

4. Baking Soda!! (You read right.) Thanks to a few friends, I have realized that baking soda is more than a baking ingredient or household cleaner and deodorizer. I now make a paste with baking soda and water and use this as the most awesome deodorant (and I think antiperspirant too) even. I promise. Thanks, Ninabobina and Sx2!

5. My new favorite: Duross and Langel (a local veg*n company) Ocean scented deodorant. I use the technique explained above and apply the deodorant to provide lovely whiffs of the delightful fragrance all day. So nice.

6. Trader Joe's soaps are all cruelty-free and superbly-scented. I'm a big soap fanatic.

7. Just about anything made my Method. I loooved the detergent that came in a green bottle (water lilly and aloe), but they discontinued it. I'm always concerned about this happening to my favorite products! I really like their lavender and cucumber/melon scented all-purpose cleaners, their almond-scented wood cleaner, and their laundry detergents. Their reformulated dishwasher tablets work well too! I wish more of their products were available at my local Target/Whole Foods.

Your turn!


  1. I have to agree with baking soda, Follow Your Heart cheese, vegenaise, and Method, but I'll add Purely Decadent Cookie Dough ice cream. I probably eat a pint a week by myself!!! yum! I also love yogi ginger tea, unsalted macadamia nuts, and Payless cheap vegan cute shoes! (especially the ones you picked out in your picture!!) (and hey! you forgot pacifica soaps!)