Saturday, March 7, 2009

A day at the park

This morning I led a volunteer session in the Wissahickon. It was a special event where we got to do a wide variety of tasks including invasive plant removal, native plant transplanting, and creating "cages" to protect native seedlings from foot traffic and the mower. It was fun!

Some native hollies that we protected today.

After the restoration work, DocDufresne, Andy, and I went to the unofficial dog park at the Blue Bell Hill Picnic Area. We've been cautiously letting him off his leash in safe areas and we were thrilled to see that he did very well this time. The trick is always having a tennis ball. He's obsessed. We ran into a guy at the park that was also taking pictures of the pooches. He had much fancier equipment. DocDufresne wanted to practice using his fixed-focal length, manual lens, so the pictures didn't come out super great. Andy was poooooooped by the end of our time at the park. So many people to throw the ball for him!

I thought these dogs were very cute.

I always think this one is cute.

When we got home, I decided to play with the new lens (and the pooped Andy.)

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