Sunday, March 8, 2009

Earth Laughs in Flowers

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

DocDufresne and I went to the Horticultural Society's Flower Show today. On the way we stopped at a soap shop featured in the latest issue of VegNews magazine. The author of the article is actually the local (much more experienced) vegan blogger of the UrbanVegan.

Duross and Langel is a lovely soap/bodycare/candle shop with a ton of great vegan stuff to smell. Soap-obsessed individuals like I could spend hours in olfactory heaven. I spoke with Steve Duross for a while about the ingredients used in their products and learned some valuable information from him. Silk protein is actually not necessarily from silk worms. It can be from the silk of corn or other substances. It requires a bit more research, but at least there are more vegan products out there than I knew about!

Some plants that really don't look like plants. DocDufresne took some of the photos.

Other shots from the Flower Show:

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