Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cares4Pets Adoption Event

Today I volunteered at an adoption event for Cares4Pets, held at Greensgrow Farms. The event featured 5 very lovable critters all in need of good homes.

Mama Bear is the most in need of placement. She's a 5 year old rottweiler that is very affectionate with people and really needs to be the only companion animal in a family. She has been with her foster mom for over a year and hasn't had any luck getting placed in a forever home. Her case is somewhat urgent. If you know of anyone that would be interested in adopting this big softy, contact the ladies of Cares4Pets! Read more about Mama Bear on her PetFinder profile.

Mama Bear is wearing a beautiful collar that was handmade and donated by Crystal of Cultured Canine. Thanks so much Crystal!

The other pups representing Cares4Pets today included:

Petra, a sweet and well-mannered 3-4 year old pit/bull terrier/whippet mix. (She reminded me of my Andy. It took a little effort not to take her home today!)

Quigley, a friendly, but reserved 1.5 year old hound rescued from a hunting facility. He's still getting used to interacting with humans and not being kept in a kennel all day.

And a 5-month old springer spaniel puppy, rescued just days ago from a similar situation as Quigley. This pup hasn't been named yet.

Also present was Poss (?), a cat found a few days ago on the street, severely malnourished and scruffy, but very affectionate. Unfortunately I didn't get any great pictures of him.

I'll never have enough positive things to say about the wonderful work that Cares4Pets does. The four founders and other volunteers work tirelessly to rescue companion animals, many times labeled as "unadoptable", and place them in homes that will provide them with the love that they deserve. Over the past few years this group as spent thousands of their own money caring for these dogs, cats, and other animals. I'm doing some grantwriting/fundraising/marketing for the Cares4Pets. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!!

BTW, Cares4Pets is always accepting donations of supplies (towels, food, bowls, etc.), services (web design, T-shirt donations, help with fundraising, etc.) and of course, funding! If you live in the Philadelphia area, I'd be happy to pick up donations for the group.


  1. OH MY GOD... Quigley!!!!!
    Such cuteness! too bad we already have 3 adopted doggies and a kitty... our house is full, but our hearts aren't! I hope these sweetie pies find homes super soon.
    thanks for your good work

  2. Mama bear is adorable! I can't wait until I move into a place that allows dogs!

    I hope she finds a forever home!