Thursday, May 28, 2009

Arrowroot explosion!

A few nights ago my friend T spent the night on her way up to NY from Florida. She'll be going to Quebec with us in a few weeks, so be prepared for photos from our trip. Anyway, on her way she stopped at Sticky Fingers bakery in D.C. and picked up a ton of food, including three meals (all delicious), 4 Cowvin oat bars, and 3 scrumptious cupcakes.

I didn't realize she was going to stop at Sticky Fingers, so I made some dessert of my own. Not only did I still have leftover Wheat-Free Chocolate Chip cookies (from Veganomicon) that I had made for my coworker, who helped out with Andy last weekend, but I also made Lemon Bars (also from Veganomicon).

During the after-dinner-clean-up,
(Hot and Sour Soup, Veganomicon)

(Veggie Sushi)

there was a minor accident with arrowroot. Andy didn't really notice that his face was covered with the stuff, but boy was it funny!

And because I don't think this post has enough dessert photos, here's a picture of the cupcakes I made last weekend for M, our dog sitter. (Vanilla with Cookies and Creme icing from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World)


  1. So many delicious looking baked goods! Your cupcakes look yum-oh!

  2. Yay I'm glad you two got to meet up. I can't wait to hear about your upcoming trip. :)