Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I just had to take a break from the grant I'm working on for Cares4Pets to create a quick post about the awesome yarn I just received from Heidi of Quo Vadis Handspun. She sells both her own handspun yarns and commercially spun yarns, naturally dying them all herself using plant material. Most of the yarns are organic too.

If you're a knitter like me, I'm sure you'll appreciate this shop. Compared to other stores I've been too, Heidi's prices are very reasonable. (In total, including shipping from BC, Canada, I spent $124.25 for 14 skeins.) You also get the lovely colors that only come from hand-dyed yarn. With yarns made from soy, organic cotton, and other natural (non-animal) fibers, (or at least recycled acrylics, etc.) it's also great to know that you're not supporting the creation of a patroleum-based product.

Hayao Miyazaki fans will get a kick out of the yarn names in this great Etsy shop.

In my excitement, I accidentally left out a yarn from the photo, so I'm uploading one of Heidi's.

PS- Shhh this yarn is for a secret "Vegan Thanksgiving" project. New post when project is finished in November.

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