Monday, September 28, 2009

Natural Pet Expo Adoption Event

VeganMoFo is just a few days away, so I figure I need to get in a few non-food related posts before the official start on Thursday.

Yesterday, DocDufresne and I volunteered at an adoption event Cares4Pets held at the Natural Pet Expo in the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia. We got to spend some time with Hazel, a very cute 15-week-old puppy (Australian Shepard/German Shepard/Sheltie mix?).

Hazel got into some rat poison in her previous home and her owners brought her into the vet's to put her to sleep instead of signing her over to the clinic. Fortunately (although a little sadly) for Hazel, her owners left her dying on the table, thereby giving up any rights to her. A month later, she's doing extremely well in the capable hands of Cares4Pets.

Then she met a friend: Winnie from the PSPCA was walking by. DocDufresne has a soft spot for three-legged dogs (who doesn't?). What an adorable photo!

Here we are in our matching outfits:

It may not look like it, but we're actually playing here:

Domino is also up for adoption. He's currently in a Cares4Pets foster home after having been at the PSPCA. He's an adorable, sweet pit mix and his foster mom is working on improving his nutrition, which was greatly lacking before.

Mulligan is looking so much better since the last time I saw him. He's super friendly and was happy to rub against any hands that made their way near his cage. Life on the streets was rough for this kitty when he was abandoned by his previous owner. Luckily one of the Cares4Pets ladies took him in and brought him to health. Mulligan is also up for adoption!

Ella is in a foster home with two shih tzus (not up for adoption). She's quite cute...for a pug. :)

For the shih tzus' mama:

Lastly, I have a couple of photos of Jonesy, who was brought into the vet's office because someone stepped on his foot and broke it. He's a spunky little fellow.

Thanks, DocDufresne for taking the majority of these photos while I played with the animals :)

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  1. Such adorable puppies and kitties... and such sad stories. I wish they put on events like this in my area, I'd volunteer in a flash! Thanks to both of you for your generosity.