Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too lazy to prepare pasta?

A meal doesn't come much easier than throwing pasta in boiling water and topping it off with tomato sauce. Trader Joe's has done a great job of wrapping up the epitome of laziness into a convenient frozen package. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I gave this product a try, but I'm also glad that I did.

Here's my review of TJ's Penne Arrabbiata.

The package.

Here's the frozen form of the penne. This bowl contains about one third of the package. I love saucy pasta and this dish doesn't disappoint. The ratio of sauce to pasta is perfect in my opinion! The fact that the sauce is frozen into little disks, separate from the pasta, makes the whole dish taste freshly prepared.

Here's the final photo after the pasta's been zapped for a couple of minutes. I topped it with Vegan grated topping, but it certainly is flavorful enough without it. There's a great fresh parsley taste along with the spiciness of the pepper in the sauce.

I really recommend this product if you ever are too lazy to boil some pasta. Aside from the convenience though, it's a great, flavorful dish that I would probably keep on hand even if I wasn't occasionally pressed for time.