Monday, August 17, 2009

Recent Gatherings

As you may know, I coordinated a dinner at Dahlak, a local Eritrean/Ethiopian/Indian restaurant a couple of weeks ago. We had sixteen folks attend the dinner and their company was a pleasure! It was great to meet new local vegans as well as catch up with some friends. We all enjoyed a delicious all-you-could-eat vegan meal. Here are the photos from the event:

A sampling of the delicious fare.

All vegan!

If you decide to go to Dahlak (and I think you should!), I recommend speaking to the owner, Neghisti Ghebrehiwot. She is so pleasant and was thrilled to have the business we provided with her. She was completely sympathetic to our dietary needs and knows exactly which dishes are appropriate. She also owns the West Philly location, which seems to be more popular.

This past weekend I also attended a wonderful vegan brunch potluck at a friend's home in Center City. The food was absolutely fantastic! So fantastic that I was too busy eating what was on my plate to notice that as new people were showing up, so were additional dishes. By the time I had the chance to take photos of the later-arriving dishes, they were almost gone! Here are the photos I did manage to take:

DocDufresne and I made Belgian waffles.

The waffle station.

There were 3 quiches, one omelet, and a tofu scramble. They were all different and awesome!

I wasn't the only one anxious to try all the dishes. I had difficulty squeezing in to take these last few photos!


  1. Oh my gosh look at that brunch , amazing!

  2. The Ethiopian food was yummmmyyy!!!!!!!

  3. Gauri Radha गौरी राधाFebruary 18, 2011 at 1:35 AM

    Great!! And those vegan waffles look terrific :-)