Monday, July 13, 2009

Vegan Treats PPK Meetup

Yesterday I met up with a few PPKers at Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA. We gorged ourselves on two rounds of delicious sweets... and then took some home for later! We spent enough time at the shop to...

...witness a few groups of enthusiastic roadtrippers emerge from packed cars with faces reflecting their arrival at the promised land
(similar to our excited expressions after receiving two free donuts),

...brush up on our Supreme Master literature,

...and of course take plenty of photos of food
(well, that which we were able to photograph before it was devoured.)

The extensive (and apparently ever-changing) baked goods case

A cupcake/whoopee pie tier

Vanilla soft-serve with rainbow sprinkles- 4/5 of us got this as our first round dessert!
(my favorite of the day!)

Dynahmite's caramel/pecan brownie (?)

The DE-licious and not to mention ginormous sticky bun that I'm still working on finishing

Another of my to-go boxes: chocolate/peanut butter brownie, glazed donut with sprinkles, chocolate-glazed donut, and cheesecake with cherry topping.

And a few group shots:

Biodancer, Donthaveacow, Dynahmite, Bitterbelle, and me- Andy Dufresne.


  1. Oh man I wish I could have been there, I am dying to go to Vegan Treats! I'm hoping to visit in October or so.

  2. That looks so fun, and the food? Wow! I was lucky enough to get to try one of their donut when I visited New York and it was delicious. I can't wait to visit Vegan Treats one day.

  3. Good stuff! That was tons of fun.

  4. Hey, I remember you guys! I waited on y'all when I was still working there. You were all total sweethearts and couldn't have been nicer. Thanks, and keep supporting the bakery and loading up on massive quantities of goodies.

  5. Wow! Justin, how'd you find this post?! That's too bad that you aren't working at Vegan Treats anymore. You were really nice too :)