Monday, July 6, 2009

Lac Memphremagog

DocDufresne, Andy, and I arrived home last night after a wonderful, but too short (isn't that always the case?) vacation.

Every summer my family visits a rustic cabin in Georgeville, Quebec off of Lac Memphremagog. The property has been in my family for generations and it's quite possibly my most favorite place on Earth. The party line rotary phone and sulfur-smelling well water add to its charm, but the true character of the location I attribute to the breath-taking scenery with the water of Memphremagog just steps from the house and Mount Owl's Head on the other side of the tranquil lake. The woods surrounding the isolated cabin add to the experience as well. Oh I just love it.

My friend Tcat came with us. Also on the trip were my three siblings, mom, and DocDufresne's parents.

Tcat's belated birthday celebration with a cake made by DocDufresne.

S'more made from Dandies marshmallows. SOOO good!!!

We spent a day exploring Montreal. It was lovely and aside from a few drops here and there, the rain held. We hiked Mount Royal, ate at a couple of good restaurants, did a little shopping, and saw the sites!

The lovely murals everywhere reminded me of being back in Philly.

Dragon's Beard Candy, purchased in China Town





Notre Dame

Lunch at Sara
I have to get their potatoes whenever I'm in Montreal!

Breakfast at Le Cagibi

AMAZING dinner at Aux Vivres.

Tcat, me, and DocDufresne.

At the end of our trip, we stopped in Burlington, VT on Independence Day. Oh what a lovely town! Lake Champlain rivals Lake Memphramagog in its beauty. My mom is from Burlington, so this was not our first trip there, but it was tcat's. Church Street was alive with street preformers, 4th of July activities, and people enjoying the atmosphere.

Cherry cordials from Lake Champlain Chocolate Company

Mon frere, A. A and me

Me and my momma. Me and Tcat.

DocDufresne and me. Mon frere, En.

Strawberry and "Vegan Monster" crepes from the Skinny Pancake

On our way back to Philly, we dropped Tcat at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, where we ate a delicious dinner followed by raw gelato (pistachio and maple walnut). back to the real world...


  1. I love your pictures! The first black and white one is really neat.
    It looks like you had fun.

  2. looks delicious and fun and exciting! You sure do have a great eye and a lovely camera. what kind of camera is it anyhow?

  3. Thanks! DocDufresne took some of these photos and I think a few shots were from my brother's and Tcat's hands, especially those with me in 'em!

    My camera is a Canon Rebel XSi. I love it!

    PS- I always love looking at your photoshoots on your blog. Do you shoot those?

  4. Wow I'll have to look into one of those suckers. The pictures and colors are so crisp and vivid I loved looking at them twice!!

    P.S Haha yah I take all those, I have a Nikon D40 and I love it. I can't wait to go on vacation this week to take pictures of beautiful landscapes in NC. But I make my friends come over and play dress up and feed them a little bit of booze to loosen them up. It's alotta fun.. Thanks for looking!!