Monday, April 27, 2009

Couchsurfers and Good Eats

This weekend DocDufresne and I hosted a couple of Couchsurfers from NYC. They were so nice and even brought organic vegan dog treats for Andy! They also gave us handmade earrings and a lovely scented oil infuser. So nice! We've couchsurfed several times, but this was our first time hosting.

Also, DocDufresne made a delicious Mungbean Stew for dinner last night. He added sweet potatoes to the recipe he found on Recipe Zaar here. I was exhausted and not feeling so great after leading three natural restoration sessions out in the sun in 95+ degree weather in the past three days. I am just not built for the heat it turns out. Ususally I do the cooking and DocDufresne does the cleaning. I love it when he does both :).

We also took Andy to Laurel Hill, but only spent twenty minutes there because it was soooo hooot. Andy went through the entire water bottle himself and laid down, panting in the grass in lieu of playing frisbee- unheard of! We miss winter!!!!!

Other recent good eats:

Pasta with alfredo sauce. Yummm.

And DocDufresne has been adventuring onto PPK a bit lately. He found a recipe for Ginger Peanut Soba Noodles and made them the other night.

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