Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Portrait!

My photographer friend, Carly, came over to assist with a fun project yesterday. We have the honor of appearing in the Cares4Pets 2012 calendar, scheduled to be released in a few months, and Carly snapped some great shots of the four of us together. As you can imagine, it's not always easy to photograph pets, and given that ours are of a particularly squirmy variety, Carly did a fabulous job! I like how so many of them feature Emerson's tongue on Matt's face.

Which shot is your favorite?
(Don't worry; The chosen image will be much crisper than those portrayed here.)


  1. Aaw so many of them is adorable! I like number 2, 5, 7, 10, and all the rest.

  2. I like the one with the ball in andy's mouth and the last one. How fun!

  3. That ball is Andy's true love. It was a gift from his grandparents and he hasn't destroyed it yet, just totes it around and won't let it out if his sight!

  4. I love the third one because it sort of embodies the way animals can become so central in your life. They don't care that it's a photo shoot for a calendar! Ball! Kisses! It brings perspective. And slobber.

  5. Hehe. I think I like the third one best too, even if Matt's and my eyes are closed!

  6. wow, looked like they wouldn't sit still! And Andy/Piglet with the ball-awesome!
    -Sheila L

  7. Ahh so lovely. It's hard to choose! Any of the ones where they're giving poochie kisses!