Friday, March 12, 2010

Rangoon Burmese Restaurant

This week DocDufresne and I headed over to Rangoon Burmese Restaurant in Chinatown for a Meetup dinner. There were several vegan dishes and a helpful wait person that had our backs when it came to ordering.

What an awesome group of people! Everyone passed around the dishes they ordered so that all at the table could sample.

Crispy Taro Root

Golden Triangles (Burmese Samoosa)

Firecracker Lentil Fritter

Asian Spring Rolls

Main Dishes:

1. Jungle Tofu
2. Vegetarian Keema
3. Chili Tofu
4. Mango Tofu
5. Eggplant Pin Sein
Monsoon Vegetable (not pictured)

Overall, the dining experience was decent. The appetizers were good and I liked the Jungle Tofu dish the best. I felt the food wasn't quite worth the price. I hear they have a more affordable lunch menu. When in the area, I'll probably just go across the street to Kingdom of Vegetarians, a completely vegan restaurant, which, in my experience, has been a better value (just be prepared for greasy food!).

Also: Spring is almost here! My aunt came for a visit last weekend and brought along these lovely daffodils!


  1. I love Burmese food- am more than happy to indulge in fried deliciousness...more often than not!

  2. Okay . . . I am soooo glad you visited my blog and made a comment because without your comment I wouldn't have found your delicious blog. Entry after entry on food and recipes had my stomach eating itself in hunger. (Yes, that's not a pretty visual - sorry about that.) But I love your blog. As a vegetarian who would like to live vegan (and did for 18 months while nursing a baby sensitive to dairy products) but can't because of differences with my spouse, I am looking forward to trying your recipes and sneaking them in family meals as well.

  3. hello. i am a frequent visitor. i think that flower looks pretty. you are such a great photographer. :)

  4. Haha! Thanks, Elizabeth and Salza!