Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fruit "Pupsicles"

Based on an idea provided by PPKer, birdsonawire, I've started freezing pureed fruit concoctions in baby food jars. Andy and Emerson spend a good 2o minutes enjoying the "pupsicles".

The original idea was to use these treats as a reward for training purposes, allowing the boys a few licks here and there. I may try that soon. I also just like the idea of giving them something as a treat that they can lie down with and enjoy for more than 5 seconds.

Andy and Emerson go gaga over these things.

I'm sure they wouldn't discriminate against veggies, but so far I've used various mixtures of leftover bananas, apple sauce, silken tofu, and soy milk.

I'm still looking for a vegan dog chew that'll last longer than dehydrated sweet potatoes! Found some in the UK, but shipping is astronomical.

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  1. That is such an interesting idea. I'm thinking of making some pupsicles for my own hairy children.