Monday, February 8, 2010

Paper Victory! I love it!

A while ago I was perusing the wares sold by vegan sellers on . I came across a great shop called MonkeysAlwaysLook. The artist, Allison, sells a variety of succulents in interesting, mostly vintage containers, and even makes garden markers by hand stamping vintage silver spoons. While there, I saw that Allison also has another Etsy shop, Paper Victory.

(Photo from MonkeysAlwaysLook)

I absolutely love the graphic quality of her cards (on recycled paper) and the fact that there are so many gorgeous/adorable/interesting animals to choose from! I've ordered several items from Paper Victory, adoring all of them. This time around, I placed a custom order for three dozen goldfish cards with "Thank You" printed in the caption. With her immaculate attention to detail and awesome customer service, Allison went beyond what we discussed, alternating the goldfish graphics and the font on the cards. My photos don't do the images justice.

You know what else I love? Supporting fellow vegans for their services and/or products. I know that the money I spend will be used in a way that mirrors my own morals, instead of potentially perpetuating animal cruelty.

Thanks, Allison! I think these cards will encourage me to send my "Thank Yous" out in a timely fashion!

PS- With Valentine's Day coming up, how cute is this?

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