Thursday, September 29, 2011

PreMoFo Doggles

It's almost upon us.  You know what I'm talking about. IT'S ALMOST HEEEERRREE!

In the meantime, a totally non-food-related post, to ineffectively counteract the wave of food content that will soon be overtaking this blog:

You have a beautiful, sunny fall day in Portland.  What to do?  What to do?  Oh yes, soak up some vitamin D with the doggle buds and woohoo!  Doggle bath party!

Gah!  Naked Doggles!
Okay, so they don't actually love the baths so much, but they do love being out in the sun.  Poor timid-of-wet-grass Emerson has a few rough months ahead. 


  1. Such cute doggles! I hope they will make guest appearances during MoFo!

  2. Hehe. I'm sure they will. They always sneak in.

  3. I love your pups!

    I can't believe MoFo starts tomorrow. Gah!

  4. Oh your babies are absolutely beautiful! Love the photos!

    One of my pooches is not so keen on water either, when he stands on something soggy he lifts each paw up and looks at it, poor fellas better get used to it!


  5. Thanks, Mo and Nicola!

    Your pup's soggy feet ritual is too cute, Nicola! Yeah, in the rainy season (fall, winter, spring!), Emerson pretty much rushes back into the house as soon as he finishes his business. Andy doesn't seem to mind it too much.