Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy summer!

Lately, we've had a delightful paring of warmish days and cool evenings in Portland. I love it. And the boys are certainly loving it.
Tonight we honored the coming of the season with yummy (and appropriately named) summer rolls! We were told by our Vietnamese friends that this is a relaxing meal, meant to be enjoyed with loved ones, as you put together your summer rolls just the way you like.

The fillings included baked tofu, homegrown spinach and lettuce, sauteed carrot and onion, homegrown spearmint, orange bell pepper, and cucumber. I made two dipping sauces: a sweet tamarind peanut sauce and a chili garlic sauce. Really yummy!
(This photo doesn't really make the summer rolls seem appetizing. I think it needed a dash of dipping sauce to liven it up! They were good. I promise.)

I also made a batch of herbal sun tea and cooled it down with a couple of frozen boysenberries.
Aaaand we had our first strawberry harvest of the season. They were deeelish!
Happy summer to you, folks in the Northern Hemisphere!