Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waterfalls of Looooove

Photos of the many waterfalls we saw on our hike at Wahkeena Falls yesterday.

Marriage begins with a waterfall. The years pass swiftly over the rocks, love and passion transform like water to mist, to water again. There are obstacles. There are multitudes of paths. There are springs and streams before the fall and there are rivers and vast oceans after. Life's journey, navigated by love through trickles and torrents, sometimes sees a waterfall, that breathtakingly, achingly beautiful crescendo, that misty existence where love and beauty, heartache and understanding are experienced in the intertwining of life.
Okay, with two years of "official" partnership under my belt I'm hardly the authority on marriage. So, you know, ignore my ramblings. This week with family in town and Doc's and my two-year wedding anniversary, I've been thinking about happiness.
I am married to a wonderful person, who is very much my partner in every way, have great friends and family (several of whom have already visited us in Oregon since our move!), am so completely thrilled with our new community, and am all around pretty blissful. There are downsides, sure, but that's life and isn't life wonderful? If you think about it, how lucky each and every one of us are to have a life, have relationships, have flowers and art and rain- you can't help but realize our shared existence is something that should be appreciated and savored, not unlike a piece of good vegan cheesecake.
(It was a very long hike, especially the "up" part.)
Happy anniversary, my wonderful person. <3


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  2. Ahh those waterfalls/area are so nice. When I drove up to Portland we stopped there and hiked for a bit. Also Full Sail Brewery is legit if your back out those ways and even had a few vegan items on the menu.

  3. Gorgeous photos and such a good attitude to have! Congratulations on 2 years and I am sure there will be many, many more to come! xox